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Directions: From the choices below everyone is to answer question # 1 and then select ((((one)))) question from either #2 and #3. For each question it should be a minimum of 7 -9 paragraphs in length. Include all relevant material and information using your textbook ( I do not have it ) I’ve been getting my info rom zoom barley and mostly online

you must give citations for material selected from outside sources such as your textbook.

If you agree with the statement then make sure your arguments are valid for your position. If you disagree with the statement, then support that position with relevant material. You cannot take both sides in your essay.


You will be judged not by the position taken but by the support and content you provide.

1. Classical Greek culture has made numerous and lasting contributions to the civilization of the world.

2. Traditional Chinese philosophy as created, dealt with the need to create a proper social harmony and order within society though using different methodology and concepts.

3. Traditional cultures and societies of the Neolithic era are very similar to the modern cultures of the 21st century.

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