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I’m working on a Philosophy question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

This time, the readings were a bit shorter than usual. So a slightly more complex assignment. Write a post comparing the two lais.

You remember how you pointed out the similarity between the Odyssey and The Divine Comedy (both are about heroes travelling to get back to the woman they love) or the similarity between the Odyssey and the Sunjata (after long exile, heroes reclaiming their kingdom, defeating those who are ravaging their land and property).

So are Lanval and Bisclavret versions of a single idea? Are they the same story in two forms? Are they about some of the same larger themes but with very different emphases? Are they using similar themes to arrive at very different conclusions? Are they about different themes but using the same structure? Remember, two stories are never completely different, and no two stories are identical, because then they are one story, not two — so this assignment is about trying to make some big picture claims, talking about connections and differences.

Your job is NOT to produce plot summaries, but try to think about what kinds of stories these are, and make your case about their similarity and difference in your post. Quote the two lais as necessary to provide evidence. Both lais have page numbers — use these to cite where you are quoting from.

500 words minimum. (This prompt is about half that long, 250 words total, all included.) Don’t waste time on general intro about Marie de France etc.

Post this by Wednesday. Write two substantial responses by the time class starts.

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