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1. Evaluate to the appropriate number of significant figures and express in scientific notation:
(5.120 x 10-15 + 5.120 x 10-13 + 5.120 x 10-11) / 9.471 x 10-9

2. Convert -4680 oF into K

3. Find the missing quantity in its normal units (gm, kg, cm3
, m3
, etc.): volume = 4.975 gigameters3
, density =
4.975 nanogm/nm3

4. Knowing that 1 calorie = 4.184 joules and 1kWh = 3.6 x 106
Joules, convert the following: 9732 femtoWh
into gigacalories.

5. You have decided to patent a new temperature scale, called the LATTC unit. The LATTC units are not based
on water, but rather dichloromethane, CH2Cl2, which melts at -97oC and boils at 40oC. You have decided that
on your scale, the freezing point of dichloromethane is -1000o LATTC and the boiling point is +1000o LATTC.
Determine the relationship to convert oC into o LATTC and o LATTC into oC.

6. How many terayears are in 67.00 picoseconds? (Assume that one year = 365 days)

7. Platinium has a density of 21.45 grams/cm3
. The mass of a weighing boat is tared to zero and the mass of a
piece of platinium and the weighing boat is 102.554 grams. If the piece of platinium is added to 55 ml of water
in a 100 ml graduated cylinder, to what volume reading will the water level rise in the cylinder?

8. The fuel tank in Randy’s car holds a total of 27.5 gallons of fuel. Randy has $65.00 to fill his fuel tank after
he had traveled 293 miles when starting with a full tank. There were 7.9 gallons of fuel left in his tank when he
filled up at the gas station. What was his fuel economy in miles per gallon and how much did he pay per gallon?

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