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Question 1-

As noted in the lecture, Islam is covers both familiar and unfamiliar territory. What was the single most interesting thing you learned in this week’s reading? What struck you as different or notable? How is Islam related to any of the religions we have previously studied?


Question 2-

One of the supplemental videos is from Irshad Manji, a Muslim feminist who writes on issues of liberty and rights from a Muslim perspective. This video is one of the best explanations I have ever heard of relativism and pluralism. Relativism and pluralism represent ethical stances one can take. Some people argue that in a diverse society, such as our own, relativism is the only stance one can take. After watching the video, explain both relativism and pluralism. Which stance does she advocate for and why? How would taking this stance allow us to engage in hard conversations with other religions and cultures?


With two responses to two students, one short paragraph each.

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