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BUSINESS 4160: Internship

Fayetteville Veterans Center Internship

Title: Non-Clinical Adminstration Clerk

at leats 3 references, check out uploads below.

Final Written Internship Report

  • Due Nov 15, by 8am
  • Points 200
  • Submitting a file upload
  • DUE: Monday, November 15, 2020 No Later Than 8:00 AM EST.

    See Assignment Instructions and Grading Rubric for more details.

    SUBMIT your written report:

    • to this Canvas Forum
    • through TURNITIN AND
    • to the Instructor, in person. If you submit your report before the due date, take the hard copy it to the Instructor’s Office. On the due date, physically submit the hard copy in the classroom (Clark Hall, Room 104).

    Recommendations for Final Paper

    Recommendations for Final Paper:

    • This assignment evaluates your writing and your ability to synthesize your experience.
    • Be sure to pay attention to detail and read the Assignment Instructions, which are very specific.
    • Use the Grading Rubric to double-check your report.
    • Try to avoid overarching, broad generalizations that you think apply to everyone. If you make a claim or generalization, provide proof = cite.
    • For citations, remember to include both the in-text citation and the reference list at the end of the report.
    • Avoid rhetorical questions.
    • Proofread, use spellcheck, Grammarly (the free version), and the Writing Center to review your paper.
    • You are not writing to a friend or family member. Avoid writing in a conversational tone.
    • Italicize book titles – do not put the book title in quotes.

    Words to the wise as you prepare for your Final Paper:

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