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Most things that I do have a purpose. The purpose behind the How to Win a Trade War assignment was to expose you, in a very small way, to the challenge of balancing competing issues in developing an effective, bilateral trade relationship. I like this game because its simplicity masks is realism. Using only three dimensions, the game captures the human dynamics of negotiation in a very realistic sense.

In the second assignment, I introduced you to China’s Belt and Road Initiative (the BRI). I asked you dig a little into a policy of the Chinese government to expand their economic influence across, at least, three continents. I also asked you to think about and discuss the implications of BRI for China, the United States, and global trade, generally.

In this assignment, you have been elected as the next President of the United States (Congratulations! I guess …). One of your first duties is to adopt atrade policy with China. Will you

  • Maintain the Chinese trade policies of the Trump Administration. If so,
    • Why?
    • What do you see as the implications of continuing the Trump Administration policies on U.S. businesses?
  • Adopt a new Chinese trade policy. If so,
    • What will it be? Explain your new policy in at least 3-4 sentences.
    • How will your Chinese trade policy impact U.S. businesses?

As you contemplate this assignment, I would like for you to think about your submission for the first two (2) Discussion Boards. In How to Win a Trade War, you were asked to choose a strategy to the play the game. The game offered you several “types”:

  • The Cooperator (100% Friendliness / 0% Imitation / 0% Vindictiveness)
  • The Coin Flipper (50% Friendliness / 0% Imitation / 0% Vindictiveness)
  • The Copycat (100% Friendliness / 100% Imitation / 0% Vindictiveness)
  • The Retaliator (100% Friendliness / 100% Imitation / 25% Vindictiveness)
  • The Grudge Holder (100% Friendliness / 100% Imitation / 100% Vindictiveness)
  • The Defector (0% Friendliness / 0% Imitation / 100% Vindictiveness)

Of course, you had the option of choosing a Custom Strategy of your own.

Which “type” is China using with the BRI? What “type” will you choose as the new President of the United States? Most important of all, what do you think the outcome of your policy will be? Will you win, lose, or draw? Don’t worry. Only the future of the free world relies on your decision.

In order to complete this assignment:

1. Review your submissions (both your Post and Replies).

2. Review the explanatory material for How to Win a Trade War and the materials on the BRI.

3. Take a few minutes to outline your trade policy. When you are ready, Open a Discussion Board and Post your Chinese Trade Policy. Be sure to address the following:

      1. Which option did you select? Are you keeping the Trump policy or adopting a new one?
      2. Answer the questions related to your choice?
        1. If you chose to keep the Trump Policy:
          • Why?
          • What do you see as the implications of continuing the Trump Administration policies on U.S. businesses?
        2. If you develop a new trade policy:
          • Explain your new policy in at least 3-4 sentences.
          • How will your Chinese trade policy impact U.S. businesses?

3. In your Post, be sure to explain which “type” China is using with BRI?

4. Explain the “type” you adopted with your policy.

5. Describe the outcome that you expect from the trade policy you chose.

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