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Rodney Vs. Death

Listen to the podcast Rodney Vs. Death by Radiolab. You can find the podcast here:

Answer the following questions while listening to the podcast:

1. What symptoms did Jeanna start to exhibit that scared her parents?

2. What animal did Jeanna come in contact with?

3. What diagnosis did the doctors have for her at the Milwaukee hospital?

4. What are the outcomes for people with this disease?

5. In your opinion, what was the most bizarre ancient remedy for this disease?

6. How does this virus infect the individual? How is this different from typical viruses?

7. How does the virus use the host to spread itself?

8. What is excitotoxicity?

9. What did Rodney suggest as Jeanna’s treatment?

10. What happened when Rodney started waking her up? How did this make him feel?

11. What makes Jeanna Giese special?

12. What degree did Jeanna end up getting?!?

13. What was found in Peru and later in Texas?

14. What are your final thoughts on this? What would you do if you encountered a rabies patient?

The following questions aren’t in the podcast, but are in your lecture material for the immune system:

15. What division of her immune system was responsible for her recovery?

16. What is a substance your body makes to help fight of viruses?

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