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I have 9 Definition

2. In the box below draw a simple diagram of anabolic and catabolic

2) What are the two laws of thermodynamics?

3) What are the two types of energy? Give an example of each type.

4) Describe the ATP-ADP cycle. Draw a diagram below

5) How is the ATP cycle used to couple endergonic and exergonic reactions?

BIOLOGY 130: Pre lecture unit 4


Define the following terms





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Answer the Following Questions:

1) What are properties of enzymes?

2) What is meant by induced fit or lock and key? Refer to figure 4.8

3) What type of energy do enzymes reduce?

4) What may influence enzyme mediated reactions?

5) What is denaturation?

6) What is a competitive inhibitor? Noncompetitive inhibitor?

7) What is feedback inhibition?

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