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Post A

Go to the website for the TOP 50 Marketing Agencies (Links to an external site.). Visit the websites of three advertising agencies, specifically looking into their creative work.

Post B

1.Review the ideas your peers proposed for an advertisement in Post A. Choose one that you think fits well with the initial advertisement and discuss why.

2.Review two specific examples from BEN’s website. Briefly introduce the branded good/service and discuss how it was incorporated into the entertainment venue in which it appeared. For each example, discuss whether you think there was some sort of “good fit” between the branded product and the entertainment venue in which it appeared; OR, whether you think the branded product was incorporated into the entertainment venue just to get broad product exposure.

3.Suppose the company that makes the product in the advertisement you selected from Post A decided they wanted to use product placement instead of an advertisement to communicate its message. Discuss what specific entertainment venue you think would provide a “good fit” and in what way it should be incorporated into the movie, TV show, or video game.

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