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Your task is to read and the text sources and watch the videos shown here. Then, make a written report of 1 page (minimum) to 2 pages (max.) about climate change. In addition to your findings and thoughts, the report needs to address the following questions:

 What are the symptoms of climatic change?

 What kind of change is indicated by the sources you have read?

 Approximately, how many degrees of average worldwide temperature change will have a significant


 (Briefly) What are your own thoughts? Opinion is not graded – say what’s on your mind !

Please use great care when spelling people’s names and foreign place names. We get upset too when others misspell our own, or the name of our home town, don’t we?

Consult the articles and watch the videos listed below.

7 INSANE Effects of Climate Change in Your Lifetime

Not bad at all! I was suspicious of the title, and am generally weary of the topic because there’s been so much hype and junk regarding a serious worldwide issue (I’m sick of the word “global”, too). This is a pretty good introduction ! –RK.

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