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I will pay for the following article Milgrims Obedience Experiment Analysis. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Jerry Burger who works at Santa Clara University in 2009 performed a similar experiment to determine whether the findings of Milgrim had changed with time.The two experiments involved a lot of deception on the participants involved and they resulted in the infliction of emotional pain on the participants. The participants were deceived to believe that they were administering an electric shock to other participants with the encouragement of the experimenter who acted as the authority figure. The deception was the only way to experiment since it could not be performed on live human beings as it could result in many deaths. It emerged in the two experiments that the majority of people were willing to administer the electric shock on their counterparts out of obedience to authority even though they felt it was inhuman. However, the process was not so easy for the participants, and as it emerged later, they endured a lot of emotional pain as they strived to obey the authority figures.The methodology used by Burger was largely similar to the one used by Milgrim in his experiment. They both involved the participants being taken to a room where they were introduced to experimenters and confederate who were white men in their mid 30s and 50s respectively. The experimenters would then inform the participants of the reason for the research, for example in Burgers case, the participants were told that the experiment was about the effects of punishment among learners in learning institutions. After signing a consent form, the participants would be taken to another room where the confederate would be connected to an electric shock generator. The participant would then be informed that he will be administering shock at an increasing rate to the confederate for every wrong answer given based on pre-determined questions. The participant would then hear increasing yells from the confederate every time he administered the electric shock up& the time he reached the 150-volt switch or the 450-volt switch. The experiment would end at this level and the participant would be informed immediately that the shock generator was a fake one and he would be taken to the confederate to ascertain that he was not harmed in any way.

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