Ashford University Environmental Temperature Lapse Rate & Coriolis Effect Worksheet – Assignment Help

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Can you help me understand this Environmental Science question?

Complete the following;

1. 4.3 Journal Below

2. 4.5 Worksheet attached


Assignment 4.1 (Individual) assignment_indiv_icon.jpg


In your textbook, read and journal the chapter(s) on atmospheric basics:

Temperature, air pressure, windflow, global wind belts.
Understand what the Coriolis effect is. Westerlies, trade winds, the Hadley Cell. Equatorial trough. Doldrums.

Also watch these hand-picked, helpful short videos. No journal required for the videos.
I had to sit through a lot of crap videos to find these. Really worth the time watching, they will help you greatly in learning these concepts.

Atmospheric pressure explained (5’47”) (Links to an external site.)

High and low pressure: how it influences the weather(3’23”) (Links to an external site.)

What’s REALLY warming the Earth?(6’03”) (Links to an external site.)

The Coriolis Effect(3’05”)
Excellent animation, you’ll understand the Coriolis Effect much better after watching this video. (Links to an external site.)

Global air pressure and wind (8’49”)
Excellent animation, sorry about the
stupid %#$@~! watermark
(Links to an external site.)

Time-lapse of global windflow(4’51”)
Note how most of the atmosphere is flowing from west to east ! (Links to an external site.)

Global wind currents (2’57”)
Cool ! Check out those hurricanes forming near the U.S. Southeast! (Links to an external site.)

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