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  1. The Renaissance is the period in which artists become more famous. No longer just craftsmen the artist is considered almost divine. This period is considered the High Renaissance. This set up the craft or art question. What do you think is the difference? Explain?
  2. The artist, of India, were still considered craftsmen. Who took the credit for the art that was made in India?
  3. Caravaggio was an artist who upset many because he of the models that he used for his work. He placed the world of the divine in the real world. How did he do this?
  4. Artemisia Gentileschi was one of the first, well known, women artist. She was tortured to learn the truth about what?
  5. Artemisia makes a self- portrait that depicts art. What are the elements of the work necessary to achieve this?
  6. Velazquez painting ‘Las Meninas’ . This painting puts the viewer in the place of the person being painted. He was working for which King? In what country?
  7. Who was the greatest artist of the Dutch Golden Age?
  8. This artist liked to copy the art of which area?
  9. Who built the Taj Mahal? And why was it built?

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