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I’m studying for my Social Science class and need an explanation.

Describe in detail at least one instance where your social class helped or hurt you. This could be in any setting: education, healthcare, labor market, dating, criminal justice system, church, whatever. How do you think your social class benefited you. The goal here is for you to start connecting the dots between your personal context (in this case the social class you occupy) and events in your life.

  • Given the average age of this class, I understand that your current social class is probably the one yours parents occupy. As such, this is a great opportunity for you to think critically about how that environment has shaped your life and will continue to do so after you graduate and strike out on your own.
    • NOTE: think long-and-hard before you start throwing out the term “middle class” to describe your upbringing. American’s over-apply that label, largely because of rhetoric/ideology. Don’t be that guy. Some of y’all grew up in affluent zip codes and were exposed to a way of life few people on this planet will ever experience. I’m not asking you to feel ashamed for being born well-off. Likewise, I’m not asking you to feel victimized and powerless if you weren’t. You certainly have influence over your life. Instead, I am asking you to think *sociologically* about your upbringing. To understand that, beyond luck, your own efforts, or the efforts of your parents, your social class does shape your life—for better and worse.
    • Therefore I highly recommend re-reading Ch.12 and looking through the slides describing social class in America. Then go think hard about your upbringing: you’r neighborhood, schools you attended, activities you participated in, things you had, your style of consumption, your access to health care, and your parent’s occupation. After you’ve done that, make an informed decision about your social class.
  • Still confused? Here is a more humorous way to begin thinking about how social class impacts your life:
    • “I hope I get rich enough for my daughter to say she likes ‘adventuring’”
    • “A” papers will be those that clearly demonstrate meaningful/thoughtful engagement with course material. Simply throwing a term out, or a random out-of-context sentence ripped from the book, is NOT an example of thoughtful engagement. Demonstrate to me that you’ve 1) read the chapter and listened to lecture; and 2) that you can now connect concepts and theories to your own life (or that of others).

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