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Before posting your discussion

    1. Review the linked article, Writing evaluation of a project, at….
    2. Watch three YouTube videos. They are short! What’s more, you will be so grateful that you did because these videos have applications far beyond this course.
        • How to deliver a killer opener: (Teateck, 2013). The lessons in this video can apply to written or spoken presentations, interviews, and meetings. The presenter suggests that you have to give your listeners and readers a reason to want the information you will give them, which requires that you know what your stakeholders want to know. Sometimes that means giving different information to different groups of stakeholders that have different needs and interests.
  • For this discussion, assume that your stakeholders are your colleagues who are informed about the problem and passionate about doing something about it. Consider this when you contribute your discussion.

      1. Select an article from the list of evaluation studies in the learning resources OR in the alternative list at the bottom of this post. No more than two students may select the same study.
      • As soon as you have made your choice of article, enter these components into the discussion forum:
      1. List the title of the peer-reviewed academic article in APA format as you would list it in a reference list.
      2. Inform us whether you will be discussing a process or product (outcome)evaluation from your selected article. You do not have to enter a post at this time! Just identify your selection and the type of evaluation you intend to do (process or product) so others can choose different articles if two students have already selected the same one.

      You may stop here to reserve your article and return to your discussion later.

      Your post:

      1. Name the article you chose for your report again, in complete APA format

      (Mallett, C. A. (2012). The school success program: Improving maltreated children’s academic and school-related outcomes. Children & Schools, 34(1), 13–26. )

      2. Provide context. In 3-4 sentences, briefly provide enough information about the program that would enable your reader to understand your analysis, including

        1. The need for the program
        2. The goal(s) that developers hope to achieve with the program
        3. Targeted participants/recipients
        4. The overall general services planned or provided in the program, such as education, psychotherapy, basic social skills like food and transportation, jobs training, voter registration, etc.

      3. Name the type of evaluation described in the article. Identify whether the article describes a process or a product (results/outcome) evaluation of a program. If the article describes both process and product evaluations, pick ONE type of evaluation to report in this discussion.

      4. Find information in the article that explains the purpose of the evaluation. If none is stated, selected from the list of purposes above that fits the evaluation in the article most closely, and indicate that this is your estimate of the purpose.

      5. List three questions that your colleagues would want to learn from the evaluation report. Choose questions from the article where possible. If none are provided, choose questions from information covered over the past weeks in this course or select questions from lists above.

      6. Choose TWO methods of disseminating your responses to Questions 2-5 to your social work colleagues.

      7. Provide a rationale for your TWO choices of methods for disseminating the responses to social workers with whom you are acquainted or work. Include a disadvantage for each of your TWO choices (4-6 sentences for each method; Google “advantages and disadvantages of using [method] for disseminating evaluation findings”) if you cannot find pertinent information about your chosen method in Dudley (2014). Base your rationale on two or more of the following factors: .

      1. how well the method will convey information accurately

      2. the clarity of the method for helping colleagues to understand the information

      3. the likelihood that the method will maintain their interest

      4. how well the method will motivate decisions and action

      5. your knowledge of the social workers with whom you work – what is the most effective way to inform them, answer their questions, and motivate them to use the evaluation findings to aid clients? [Everyone’s settings will be different, so the answers can vary considerably].

      8. Describe one new bit of information you learned from each of the videos linked in the instructions. (1-2 sentences)

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