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The History of C. elegans – Sibelius

Our own Dr. Cheryl Van Buskirk here in the CSUN Biology Department uses C. elegans as a model organism to study the connection between stress and sleep.

Read Dr. Van Buskirk’s paper below:

Van Buskirk et al. 2014 Oct.pdf


Additionally, you may be interested in watching this related musical YouTube video posted by Dr. Van Buskirk:

After watching/reading, consider these guiding questions when forming your responses for this class discussion, or come up with your own talking points:

What is a model organism and why is C. elegans commonly used as a model organism in biology labs?

Can you think of any other studies or fields within biology that use C. elegans as a model organism?

What were the major findings of this study?

What conclusions are drawn from these findings about the importance of sleep, and how might stress and sleep be related?

Are conclusions drawn about mammals from this nematode study? Do you think applying results from nematodes to mammals, such as humans, is reasonable? Why or why not? (You might use the results from our C. elegans on drugs experiment to back up your thoughts.)

What does it mean for traits, functions, or behaviors to be conserved? Why might sleep be a highly conserved function? Can you think of any other traits that are highly conserved among life on Earth?

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