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The term “intersectionality,” coined by the legal scholar Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw, refers to the idea that when multiple systems of oppression intersect, the result may be a new system with distinctive characteristics of its own, rather than just a simple combination of the two previous systems. So, for example, African American women may be subject to forms of discrimination that are not present for other women or for other African Americans. These forms of discrimination may only appear when both factors are present. In theory, this concept may be applied to any individual or group that is subject to discrimination on two or more grounds, including by race, class, gender, sexuality, religion, disability or other factors.

Choose an example of racism in which you feel that intersectionality comes into play and answer the following questions about it using the following two links:



Minimum: 500 words

  1. What is the general situation?
  2. How might the concept of intersectionality help us to see aspects of the situation that might be minimized by – or invisible to – an analysis that only looks at one factor? One way to answer this question is to go through each form of discrimination that is present and note the elements that are overlooked by focusing only on that form. So, to take the above example of discrimination against African American women, what would be lost in an analysis that only looked at race? What would be lost in an analysis that only looked at gender, etc.?
  3. What aspects of the situation only appear when both factors are present?
  4. What, if any, new solutions – or types of solutions – are suggested by an intersectional analysis that might not be visible through an analysis that only looks at a single factor?

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