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Initial Post

Respond to one of the two prompts below. Your initial post should be about 200 words and directly respond to the prompt. Each initial post must make at least one reference to a reading, including the page number.
Note that the 200-word limit is intended to keep your responses concise
and focused on the topic. Verbosity will not be rewarded.

  1. What
    is an example of a media text you think conforms to Adorno’s social
    cement and either standardization or pseudo-individualization? How and
  2. What is a favorite guilty pleasure of yours? What makes it
    “illegitimate?” Do you ever feel embarrassed by it (as Fiske defines the
    term)? Why or why not?

Response Post

to a classmate’s initial posts with an additional thought or question.
This response should run about 75 words. If you’re not sure where to
start, consider responding to one classmate you agree with or you
disagree with, explaining your point of view or posing a genuine
question to better understand a classmate’s point of view. Look for ways
to push the conversation forward. As you engage in the discussion,
maintain a respectful, collegial tone.

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