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Game analysis 3


To be a good game designer, it is imperative that you can learn from other games. What does a game do well. What does it do poorly. In order to understand these things, you must exercise your critical analysis capabilities and be able to pick apart what makes a game tick.

Recently, much of innovation in gameplay has come through games developed for the web or mobile devices, particularly in the casual gaming space. In this analysis assignment, you will play and analyze a web or mobile game.

Goals and Objectives

  • Be exposed to different game play experiences and genres.
  • Learn to be critical of game elements including the story, gameplay, user experience, and technology.
  • Tune your ability to understand what works (what makes it fun) and what does not work in game.
  • Expand upon your knowledge about digital games.
  • Begin to think about how concepts in other digital games might apply or influence your digital game designs.
  • Practice your technical writing ability.


1.Find a web-based or mobile game to analyze. You can analyze a recent (aka, modern) game title OR you can go back and look at a game from the past.

2.Take at least an hour to thoroughly play the game. Analyze the game using the “Design/Play/Experience” framework discussed in class. Also think about why the game is fun or not fun to play. (It doesn’t have to be one or the other. There can be fun parts and not fun parts.)

3.Afterwhich, write up an analysis of the game

a.The analysis should be YOURS, not someone else’s. Do not plagiarize.

b.Make the analysis as visual as possible. Supplement it with visuals from the game, such as screenshots from the game.

c.Think of the analysis as something that could be part of an eventual game design portfolio or blog.

d.The analysis should include the following content:

§Game Description , including (~250 words)

§Game Title

§Screenshot from the Game (at least 1)

§Overview – A short description including the game’s genre, platform, and who made the game

§Storytelling – give an overview of the game setting, backstory, and storytelling in the game (if any)

§Game play – give an overview of the game mechanics (rules) and the type of dynamics and experiences it creates

§User Experience – describe the game components such as board, cards, dice, pieces, etc..

§Technology – describe the game technology that the game was originally create for (ex: SNES) AND what you played it on (emulator, web, etc.)

§Game Likes and Dislikes, including: (~100 words)

§What did you like and/or dislike about the game?

§Game Improvements, including: (~50 words)

§How could the game be improved?

§Application to Your Own Design, including: (~50 words)

§What is one thing that you could learn from this game (good or bad) that you could employ in a future game of your own design?

Grading Criteria

The grade will be determined as follows:

  • 80% Quality of Game Critique (20% each)
    • Game Description
    • Game Likes and Dislikes
    • Game Improvements
    • Application to Your Own Design
  • 20% Professionalism
    • no spelling mistakes
    • good English grammar
    • Make the analysis as visual as possible with images/etc.

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